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Board of School Administors

Board Members

Nancy Antoine
Principal at Bridgewater Elementary School
Representing: Elementary Principals
Term Expires: 01/06/2025

Mary Frances Clardy
Teaching Gifted & Talented at The Heights Community School
Saint Paul Public Schools

Representing: K-12 Teachers 
Term Expires: 01/02/2023

Dr. Jinger Gustafson
Minnesota State University-Mankato
Representing: Higher Education Administrators
Term Expires: 01/02/2023

Drew Hildenbrand
Principal at Bemidji Middle School

Representing: Secondary Principals
Term Expires: 01/02/2023

Jill Lofald
Duluth School Board

Representing: School Board Members
Term Expires: 01/03/2022

Dr. Melissa Schaller
Director of Special Education District 917
Representing: Director of Special Education
Term Expires: 01/03/2024

Christine Osorio
Superintendent at North St. Paul-Maplewood
Representing: Superintendents
Term Expires: 01/03/2022

Dr. Scott Wallner
Director of Community Education
Willmar, Minnesota
Representing: Directors of Community Ed
Term Expires: 01/03/2022

Dr. Tracy Reimer
Bethel University
Representing: College Educators
Term Expires: 01/02/2025

Louise Sundin
Trustee, MN State Colleges and Universities

Representing: Public
Term Expires: 01/01/2024

Dr. Tony Kinkel
Executive Director


Executive Committee:
CHAIR:         Nancy Antoine
VICE CHAIR: Melissa Schaller
MEMBERS: Louise Sundin, Tracy Reimer

Ethics Committee:
CHAIR:          Drew Hildenbrand
MEMBERS:   Tracy Reimer

Licensing Committee:
CHAIR:         Jill Lofald
MEMBERS:  Scott Wallner, Christine Osorio, Melissa Schaller

Professional Development and Program Review Committee:
CHAIR:          Tracy Reimer
MEMBERS:   Nancy Antoine, Mary Frances Clardy, Louise Sundin, Jinger Gustafson

Legislative/Communication Committee:
CHAIR:          Louise Sundin