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Board of School Administors


Board of School Administrators Mission

The Board of School Administrators is an autonomous body created by the Minnesota Legislature. The Board's purpose is (a) to establish and maintain high standards for a quality administrator licensing system for Minnesota public schools, and (b) to ensure that the highest quality administrators serve the needs of Minnesota citizens.


The Board of School Administrators seek to ensure that every administrator in the state of Minnesota is highly qualified and appropriately licensed. Following are our goals:

Goal 1: Monitor compliance of Minnesota administrative licensure standards (MR 3512)
Goal 2: Continuously improve the Minnesota administrative licensure system
Goal 3: Improve Board communications with stakeholder groups
Goal 4: Improve services provided to stakeholders

Roles and responsibilities of committees

  • The Professional Development and Program Review Committee is responsible for program review, new program applications, Administrative Preparation Collaborative oversight, and Clock Hour oversight.
  • The Communications Committee is responsible for establishing and maintaining a means of internal and external communication that supports the vision, mission and goals of the organization.
  • The Licensing Committee is responsible for the oversight of variances, alternative licensure, and Rulemaking.
  • The Ethics Committee is responsible for the oversight of administrative disciplinary issues and the Code of Ethics.