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Board of School Administors

CEU Request App

Continuing Education Initiators:

To earn approval by the Board of School Administrators, an organization must:

Follow instructions on How to Submit a CEU Request for BOSA Approval

Access the App: BOSA CEU App

Upon a successful review, an Official Board of School Administrators' Certificate will be issued to the organization for distribution to completers. 

Entities seeking to offer BOSA approved programs are reviewed every year. In rare circumstances, some programs may be approved for up to two years. The Board will issue a new certificate if a notification of change of dates is submitted. A program will be approved if it meets the requirements of the rules, and if the Board of School Administrator determines that the program is adequate to fulfill the purposes of continuing education requirements.

MN Statute 3512.1200 Subp 3. Content of continuing education program. Each continuing education program must consist of at least three clock hours.