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Board of School Administors

Continuing Education


Professional Development Requirement

Rule 3512.1200 requires all licensed administrators to accumulate 125 clock hours of continuing education within five years of being issued a continuing license for renewal of a Minnesota administrative license.

“Clock hours” means hours of actual instruction or supervised group activities provided by an organization approved by the Board of School Administrators (BOSA). To earn approval by the Board of School Administrators, an organization must email a completed Request for Approval of a Continuing Education Program form to for review. Upon a successful review, an Official Board of School Administrators' Certificate will be issued to the organization for distribution to completers.  Administrators may also earn clock hours by completing a class with a passing grade at a regionally-accredited university or college. One semester credit equals 20 clock hours. Coursework does not need BOSA approval if it is taken at a regionally accredited university or college.

Each school administrator seeking re-licensure is responsible for collecting their own Official BOSA Certificates or official college transcripts. Official BOSA Certificates or college transcripts earned within the last five years are presented to the individual designated by the district superintendent to enter administrative hours on behalf of the administrators within each school district. Clock hours are entered onto a database which PELSB accesses when reviewing the re-licensure application. In-active administrators must ask the district they are living in or the district they previously worked in to enter the approved clock hours.  Private school, charter school or international administrators with a Minnesota Administrative License may contact the BOSA Office for entering hours. 

Entities seeking to offer BOSA approved programs are reviewed every year. In rare circumstances, some programs may be approved for up to two years. The Board will issue a new certificate if a notification of change of dates is submitted. A program will be approved if it meets the requirements of the rules and if the Board of School Administrator determines that the program is adequate to fulfill the purposes of continuing education requirements.